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Keto Light Plus makes a carb-free diet more effective

Keto Light Plus Powder presents a new perspective on weight loss on a ketogenic diet. It is a powerful stimulant of metabolic processes and accelerates the body's ketosis level. You should not waste time rearranging physiological processes. With Keto Light Plus, you can lose weight from day one, except for just carbohydrates from your diet.

On the official website in Bulgaria today, you can get the powder with a 50% discount if you succeed in participating in the action. Price leva75 is the actual price of your slim figure.

The keto diet is an increase in weight loss

The keto diet enriched with Keto Light Plus damages subcutaneous fat tissue

The keto diet, or ketogenic diet, is a nutritional system that involves eating low-carb and high-fat foods, as a result of which metabolic processes are restructured, allowing you to lose weight more intensively.

Thanks to the ketogenic diet, Bulgaria has witnessed a real weight loss revolution in the last decade. Its effectiveness is not at all a myth and has been proven by many examples of extra weight loss. The main advantage is that you do not have to starve or limit your food. Enough to exclude 95% carbohydrates. There is no feeling of hunger, lethargy or apathy. This is why the keto diet is becoming so popular in Bulgaria now.

The key to losing weight on a ketogenic diet is when the body reaches ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic condition in which the body uses ketones that are derived from fat as a source of energy instead of carbohydrates. The condition of ketosis is achieved at 7-10 from the beginning of the ketogenic diet, when the body completely consumes glycogen storage in the liver and muscles. This time spent rearranging metabolism and weight loss during this period can not be ignored.

Keto Light Plus has improved keto diet

Keto Light Plus Powder presents a new perspective on weight loss on a ketogenic diet. Its inclusion in the diet accelerates metabolic processes, as the time to enter ketosis is reduced from 10 days to 45 minutes. The revolutionary drink is based on research by the German Institute of Human Nutrition. The natural composition includes natural ingredients that act like ketone bodies. They do not harm the body and have very high biological activity - more than 15 times more than the body's own ketones.

By combining the use of Keto Light Plus with a ketogenic diet, you stimulate fat burning from the first day, losing extra weight, not time. The digestive system is quickly rebuilt to function in the new regime. The drink speeds up metabolism several times until toxins are not stored in the body, and calories are burned faster.

The body consumes more calories, processes fats instead of carbohydrates, so excess weight will disappear faster. Viscal fat, subcutaneous fat just melts. With such a food system, there is no longer the term “fat in hard-to-reach places”. Even the stored fat storage begins to burn. And most importantly, from day one, weight loss occurs even in those who have not been able to lose weight on other diets. The lost kilograms are irreversibly lost, because you are not only wasting calories, but crushing the fat layer, which is energy storage.

Weight without stress and side reactions

Keto diet menu

Pleasure should be a habit, even if you are on a diet. And with Keto Light Plus, it is as real as ever. Lose weight on a keto diet with natural drinks You do not feel hungry, because the diet contains a sufficient amount of protein, unlike other diets. This allows you to maintain muscle mass, or even increase it by strengthening your diet by exercising.

Diet is often associated with fatigue, sagging skin, cellulite, and decreased metabolism. But in this case it is not relevant. The body gets enough nutrients and releases a lot of energy for a comfortable life. The organic ingredients in beverages not only supply the body with ketones for the burning of active fats, but also eliminate waste products and excess fluids, making detoxification at the cellular level. Because toxins are released in a timely manner, losing weight does not have the problem of mood swings, and the skin stays clean and elastic, without traces of cellulite.

Natural composition is completely safe and will help anyone who wants to lose weight without effort and stress for the body. The absence of contraindications indicates the subtle effect of the drink on the body. Only the lazy will not lose weight with Keto Light Plus!

Why it is better to lose weight with Keto Light Plus

Here are the main arguments that can convince anyone to lose weight to buy organic drinks.

As a confirmation of the effectiveness of diets with a large number of ketone bodies, independent dietary institutions in Europe provide their own weight loss statistics using Keto Light Plus.

Total weight loss
Subject proportion

Less than 5 kg per month


5-7 kg per month


7-10 kg per month


Over 10 kg per month


Do not believe in advertising, believe in the successful experience of people who have lost weight without problems. 92% of test subjects are willing to reuse intensive weight loss powder in the future to improve their weight loss results and achieve the desired shape. Many of them have not been able to lose weight for years, but now they are making significant progress.

Everyone loses weight with Keto Light Plus

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Keto Light Plus is the best-selling book of 2020 with proven effectiveness by nutritionists and hundreds of people who have lost weight. This is a revolutionary way to lose weight while improving the performance of ketogenic diets. To lose extra weight, you no longer have to starve and exhaust yourself, you just have to follow a carb-free diet and take the powder along with each meal.

Today the price of Keto Light + on the official website in Bulgaria has been reduced to leva75 and view the cost in other countries. There are a small number of beverage packages that are eligible for a discount. However, you can still buy the powder at only half the cost if you do not hesitate to order.

Ordering Keto Light + on today's website means giving your body a slim, light shape and comfortable well-being in the near future. Your character will be the subject to enliven others. Agree, leva75 and view the cost in other countries is a ridiculous price to lose weight without the hassle and restrictions.

Doctor's review

Doctor Nutritionists Тодор Тодор
10 years
The essence of a ketogenic diet is to change metabolic processes from carbohydrate metabolism to lipid metabolism. Achieving a state of ketosis means that there is only one source of energy left - ketones - fat-breaking products. Then active weight loss begins, and until then it takes about a week, when the body is rebuilt to a new mode of operation. Keto Light Plus powder speeds up this process so that you can lose weight from day one. Completely natural, this encourages the elimination of toxins. This is the best tool in Bulgaria to make the keto diet as effective as possible.